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Each holiday we like to offer something special, last year we created our first limited edition, this year we are offering the Holiday Commission Project.


After an outpouring of requests to create very personal commissions of the Rotating Constructions, this holiday we are offering the opportunity to provide personal materials for inclusion in a custom-made artwork, from family heirlooms and photos that have been tucked away, prized memorabilia, souvenirs, and books that haven't been shared in years, career milestones, and more.  As well as the selection of a custom size, either similar to past works or a new layout.*



For Inquiries: Email here or telephone Kathryn 646.784.1269 



The Commission Process:



This special series is made specifically for you or the recipient of your gift, and you can be as involved as you like, from providing a few objects/materials for inclusion, to sharing preferred colors, subjects, interests, or we can arrange a meeting in the NYC area or phone call to discuss details.** 


The Creative Process:


Each Rotating Construction is created by hand by Michael Sanzone and contains materials collected from around the world, meticulous drawings, sculptures, specially sourced objects, and no two are alike, even in the editions. The handmade, custom frames that hold each rotating collage are made in Michael's Connecticut studio where he learned the woodworking skills required to make such detailed artworks, before attending the School of Visual Arts where he studied Illustration, Fine Arts, and later Film.


The Details:


Pricing is calculated based on size, approximately $395 per double-sided panel. The minimum size is 9 panels.***  If giving as a gift, we will prepare a special package with catalogue to be presented, and work will arrive when complete.  The works will be started on a 'first come, first serve' basis, so the sooner you contact us, the faster you will receive your work.****


The support of friends, fellow artists, family, and clients help us to continue to create these meticulously crafted and unique works at a reasonable cost, which is reflected in our pricing.  If you have been considering a work in this series, please note that in 2018 we will raise our prices by 10-15% in order to meet demand and growing costs.

The Fine Print:

* We can accommodate custom sizing, but due to the shape and construction of individual panels, the size will be approximate and may not be exact.

** Please note, all work will be in line with the series and Artist's decisions, that is what makes the pieces what they are.

*** Taxes, packing, and shipping charges may apply, not included in price and will be additional charge sent under separate invoice.

**** Work must be paid in full upon invoice, completion time varies but is guaranteed to be completed within 1 year of payment, unless otherwise agreed upon before payment. Most pieces will be completed closer to the 3-6 month range. Please note, works may not be complete by December 25th, in lieu we created a special holiday package that can be presented providing details on the piece and project.