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M editions


Introducing M editions . . . limited editions released periodically that focus on specific subjects. Each edition series will vary, for example, in size, color, and numbers in the edition, from 25 available to just a few. This new series was created, in part, to offer those interested in the original Rotating Constructions a unique work at a special price point.


For our currently available edition titled I Need Something Hopeful, everything from delicate drawings to cast resin molds add to this incredibly detailed work. Each differs slightly, making each unique. 


Both the reuse of materials and placing new objects in a different, more intimate context, are meant to entice viewers to take time to appreciate the beauty of these everyday objects, such as a once prized childhood toy. Upon release, Capital One acquired multiple editions for their corporate collection and additional editions found homes across the U.S.



I Need Something Hopeful, 2016-7

Mixed media, toys, Japanese paper, US postage stamps, found objects, wood (double-sided)

27 x 18.5 inches (68.6 x 47 cm) Edition of 25 




On view at 

Taste Collection 

83 Rivington Street

Lower East Side, NYC