SANZONE studio

Telephone: 646.784.1269 (Kathryn, Studio Manager)


C U R I O S gives clients the opportunity to be involved in the creation, by providing personal materials for inclusion such as family heirlooms, mementos, photos, souvenirs, favorite books, career milestones; or share interests and passions as inspiration for this truly one-of-a-kind artwork.


Due to the intimate nature of the process and time and labor that goes into creating this singular series, only a limited number of commissions can be taken each year. Please contact the studio for more details.



Today Is Your Day


Mixed media on wood (double-sided)

36 x 48 inches

70 x 90 cm


Commission for Private Client, Florida

Worth a Martini Toast (Image Detail)


Mixed media on wood (double-sided)

27.5 x 55.25 inches 

69.9 x 140.3 cm


Commission for The Chaddock Group, Ohio